Codurance Talks - Episode 8 - Legacy Code

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Let’s talk about legacy code!

In this episode of Codurance Talks, our craftspeople discuss all of the different facets of legacy code:

  • What is legacy code
  • What makes legacy code challenging to maintain
  • How quickly the knowledge of legacy code can rot away from both a technical and business perspective
  • Strategies for dealing with legacy code

An interesting point about legacy code is that it doesn’t have a temporal link to time. Someone could create code today that another user is afraid to touch because of the unknown consequences of doing so.

Our craftspeople, Sam Davies and Chris Bimson return, with the new addition of Andre Torres.

Working Effectively with Legacy Code by Michael C. Feathers.

Photo: Prairie Dog by DigiPD is licensed under CC0
Music: "Sweeter Vermouth" by Kevin MacLeod is licensed under CC-BY 3.0

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