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A Software Craftsmanship mindset helped to empower Coniq's in-house development team, enabling them to deliver their own quality software more frequently.

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Coniq wanted to build an application that, in conjunction with their clients existing EPOS (Electronic Point of Sale) software, would read barcode scans in store to provide their end customer with loyalty points and discounts.

Given the relatively small size of the existing in-house development team, we were engaged to kick-start the project from conception all the way through to (gradually) handing over the project to their in-house development team.


We started by building the user journeys and wireframes with Coniq’s business stakeholders. A series of high-level designs were then produced in Photoshop by one of their in-house designers. These designs would then form part of the acceptance criteria for the features.

We adopted a Scrum based methodology for the project, working on features within 2-week long sprints that had been agreed with Coniq’s Product Owner. The Product Backlog was maintained within Rally and since they had not used Agile tools like this before, our team guided the Product Owner through Product Backlog management and Scrum ceremonies.

Development was conducted at our London offices and it was therefore important that we had regular face to face contact with Coniq’s team. As such, demos were delivered at their offices at the end of each Sprint. We also held most of the feature elaboration and planning meetings at their offices (with occasional visits by Coniq to our offices in London).

Coniq had a small in-house development team and our objective was to gradually hand over the responsibility of maintenance and development to this team. Before and during the handover, our developers visited the team to provide advice and guidance on the codebase and development practices. We also ensured that they were kept up to date with the ongoing changes by means of our ‘pull request’ based process.


By working closely with the Coniq team and through regular communication, we were able to deliver the MVPs within the budget available for the project. Upon handover, the Coniq team were able to take over full ownership of the project and had the skills and processes in place to work through the remainder of their product backlog.

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