Codurance announces official Novoda Partnership

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16 Jun 2020

Codurance has agreed to a strategic partnership with digital product agency Novoda to provide its clients with industry leading expertise around mobile app development. Novoda is a market leader in helping companies define a strategy for their digital products, then working collaboratively to design and build mobile-ready apps that their users will love. ​

By partnering with Novoda, Codurance can facilitate greater time to market for its clients that are looking to leverage the advantages that modern, well designed digital solutions can bring. In parallel, Codurance will offer Novoda’s clients its services of software modernisation, software delivery, strategic advice, specialist expertise, and training to bring greater end-to-end expertise throughout the entire project lifecycle. ​

Our combined passion and proven track record for building exceptional quality software, open, collaborative culture, and building solutions that create tangible value meant Novoda was a natural fit for the Codurance partner ecosystem. ​

Over the coming months, we will engage in a variety of activities to provide interesting and valuable content for the Codurance and Novoda communities including webinars, articles, podcasts, and events. For the past 10+ years, Codurance and Novoda have been key contributors to the London, Manchester, Barcelona, and Berlin software engineering communities - we’ll use this network and expertise to bring more fantastic thought leadership to our combined client base. ​

We’re excited to get started so to find out how the Codurance-Novoda proposition can benefit your next project, please reach out to

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