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Raquel M Carmena · 09 Jul 2017

What is software quality? Is it measurable? What should we focus on when we want to improve quality?

It is still believed that quality in software is about automated functional tests. A manager worried about quality tends to contract external companies to automate functional tests.

Standards ISO/IEC 250xx provide a lot of metrics and guides to measure the quality of a product, but is that enough? What about the process that is followed to create that product?

Others think that they must embrace agile methodologies, but a lot of agile adoptions fail, because they only focus on the process, no more.

Quality is more complex and multi faceted.

If we want to ensure or improve quality, we should focus on:


So we could speak about P3 QUALITY:

P3 Quality P3 QUALITY scheme

The most important part is PEOPLE. When reading the book The Software Craftsman. Professionalism, Pragmatism, Pride by Sandro Mancuso, you notice that the problems in software projects are the same, regardless of the company or the country, and the key to success is in the people’s quality, in our skills and attitude.

That’s the reason why we practice Software Craftsmanship, always trying to improve and raising the bar. Quality is in your hands.

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Raquel M Carmena

Raquel discovered her profession when she was 12 years old, when playing with databases and DOS commands in the back office of a computer shop. She keeps as a treasure her notebook with a computer architecture and how data were stored in a diskette among other things.

She loves new challenges and finds it very difficult to choose a single favourite area in her profession. For the past 10 years Raquel has worked in different projects, with different technologies, and in different industries. She lives and breathes business and values from her software products, services and ideas.

Raquel is a constant apprentice who strives for common sense, pragmatism and simplicity, and also enjoys sharing her knowledge and learning from others.

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