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Halima Koundi · 04 Jun 2017

NCrafts 2017 is a two days conference in Paris. I had the chance to also attend an event storming workshop run by Alberto Brandolini a day before the conference. It was full of fun, socialising and learning.

Here are some of my takeways of those three days of awesomeness:

"If you have an event driven architecture, the gap between post-its (resulting from the event storming session) and the code should be small". Alberto Brandolini.

Good food always makes for a good conference (you guessed I'm french here).

Developers are fun and keyboards are a good way to socialise.

Big data can be so big you DDOS yourself.

Mobbing is not just for devs.

Community of practices are efficient ways to break team silo.

XP to the extreme works.

Craft beer is a must have, looking forward to the veggie smoothie trend.

Becoming TEAL overnight might not be a good idea, I feel lucky to be part of a TEAL aspiring company.

The best talks are the one full of courage to face one's vulnerabilities.

Coding among the chickens sounds like something I would enjoy doing.

Open spaces at conferences are cool, especially when being reminded that the talks will be recorded (FOMO contained).

We as developers have duty to not harm and inform non tech savvy.

I completely buy into the metaphore of software development as an artisanal trade and the comparison with masonry.

Diversity in speakers makes tech conferences much more interesting. But diversity in attendees is lacking and a sad reflection of our industry.

Software development is a life of learning and that's why we chose to code.

You can watch this space for videos of the 2017's edition.

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Halima Koundi

During her career, Halima worked as a consultant in various projects ranging from large integrated enterprise software to small single purpose websites. She has been attracted to the technical side of software after working on data migration projects and decided to retrain and learn how to code.

Joining Codurance, Halima has levelled up her engineering skills and embraced the values of software craftsmanship. As a skilled professional she aims at delivering value by building robust and resilient software. City Lead organiser at Women Who Code London, Halima is actively working on bringing diversity to the tech community.

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